Iris in the Breeze

Iris season is a special time in our garden. We have about 150 early-mid season irises blooming right now in shades of deep burgundy, vibrant purple, and pure white lining the front walkway and adding sweet scent to the air.  Soon will come the pinks, the mauves and the beiges just around the time that the rose bushes start to bloom and then the spring garden will be in full swing.


Wishing you a most lovely day!

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Getting Started

After a coolish and rainy April, the garden is full of buds are about ready to burst open with color. Here are a few photos from this morning of our early bloomers.



… Viburnums in the shade


… last of the Sand Cherry Blossoms


… colorful Creeping Phlox


… fragrant Lily of the Valley


… tall, pink Tulips

The garden is just barely getting started for the season. I am looking forward to having more photos to share in the coming months.

Have a great week!

Mid-Season Irises

My mid-season irises are in full bloom. With yesterday’s rain and this morning’s heavy fog, I wasn’t sure that I was going to be able to get any photos today; but the flowers put on quite a show! I had a difficult time deciding which shots to share.






(FYI, the iris in front in the photo above really is that dark, making it a challenge to photograph.)


Have a wonderful weekend!

Here in Manhattan, it is graduation weekend at KSU and at the local high school, so spirits are pretty high. Once again, congratulations to the new graduates. May your futures hold wonder!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Spring

Photos of new growth in the gardens …











Have a gorgeous day!

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