Photography Challenge: Shadowed (Beauty Berries)

The garden was mostly in shadow the other morning, except for some warm sunlight on my Beauty Berries just after sunrise. From winter’s weather, the berries are a bit faded from how they looked a few months ago, but I am happy to still have even a little color in the garden.


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Weekly Photo Challenge: Spring

Photos of new growth in the gardens …











Have a gorgeous day!

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Weekly Photo Challenge: In the Background

My husband thinks that I post too many photos of our dogs; but this one always makes me smile, so I had to share it when I saw this week’s theme. I was attempting to take a photo of Abbey when puppy Penny came bounding in. “Hey, whatcha doin’ Ma?”

I hope that this picture brings a smile to your face, too!


Weekly Photography Challenge: Change

The First Methodist Church – a beautiful, historic church that is located one block north of The Morning Star – gets a new roof. Brrr. I bet it’s cold up there.