Sunny-Rainy Garden

We have had quite a bit of rain this spring. In fact, for the first time in six years, Kansas is not in drought conditions.

At least one big storm passed through the area overnight and when I awoke this morning, the sky was full of ominous-looking clouds. So I wasn’t expecting to a few minutes of glorious sunshine for photographing the garden. By the time that I was done taking and uploading pictures onto my camera, rain clouds had moved back in. Our weather can change almost minute by minute.

Here are a few photos that I got in between bought of rain …





As always, wishing you a lovely day whatever the weather might bring!


Late Autumn Garden

So far this year, it has been a very mild autumn here in Manhattan, Kansas, allowing for an extended period of color in the garden. The weather, the last few days, has been grey and damp, with rain on and off. So the colors are really showing up in bright contrast to the skies. Here are a few pictures that I took this morning. I hope that you enjoy them!










Wishing you a beautiful day!

May Showers, May Flowers!

Both despite, and because of, all of the rain that we have had lately, the garden is looking quite lush. I couldn’t help but go out in the drizzle this afternoon to take some pictures. The garden should be gorgeous for Mother’s Day.

… And to my mother, who taught me to garden, “I hope that you have a great day out amongst the flowers, Mom! Love ya.”












Happy Mother’s Day, everyone!

Beautiful After The Rain

We had a brief downpour yesterday morning and I just couldn’t resist getting some garden photos as soon as the rain stopped. This is one of my favorites. It is of a pale pink lily, stained by the pollen splattered on its petals.


Have a beautiful weekend!

Not a Pumpkin

One of my goals for this morning was to photograph some of the pumpkins that I have arranged in the yard so that I could have a nice end-of-October themed shot to share on the blog today. But once I got outside, I succumbed to the temptation of photographing my roses which, by the way, are enjoying the cool weather and occasional rains. (They came through last week’s snow just fine – thankfully!) Here is a picture that I took of Marilyn Monroe, dripping wet on this gray morning after last night’s rains. Enjoy! Have a lovely day!


Daily Prompt: Singin’ In the Rain

Rarely does the Daily Prompt fit my day quite so well as today. With gentle rain showers on and off this afternoon – the kind that sinks into the soil without beating up the plants – I felt like singin’ in the rain with joy for my plants and with relief that I didn’t have to drag hoses around today. Instead, I walked around in the rain and photographed my garden. I hope that you enjoy the images!







Living Easy

I think that I have probably blogged about every drop of precipitation that we have had here in Manhattan, Kansas in the last six months. It has been a dry year.  Last night and early this morning, though, we had a soaking rain – about one inch worth. We need the moisture, but I was a little concerned about how the garden might look this morning after the storm front passed. Though most of the flowers were a bit droopy, they were still quite lovely. There is something about the light after a rain that can make colors seem all the more vibrant.

Below is a photo that I took this morning of one of my roses. It is “Living Easy” – a floribunda rose that was introduced in 1992.  “Living Easy” is an All American Rose selection noted for being disease resistant; and, indeed, it fared much better against black spot and mildew than did some of my other roses this past summer. Its petals are yellow at the base, turning peach-colored, and can be tinged with pink at the tip. It has a pleasing, medium citrusy-rose fragrance. I’ve enjoyed its blooms all summer, but Living Easy shows up especially well in the autumn garden. It really is gorgeous right now, even drenched with rain.