Irises & Roses

Just in the past few days, my roses have started to bloom. They are about a month late this year. Fortunately, they still overlapped with the irises a bit. I just love the combination of irises and roses – really what’s not to love there? Over the next week or so, the irises will finish off for the season, but the roses will keep blooming into next autumn. The sky has been overcast this afternoon, which always makes the colors in the garden seem all the more vibrant.  So I stole a few minutes during check-in time to catch some quick photos.




Have a wonderful holiday weekend!

4 responses to “Irises & Roses

  1. Our roses took a beating in this winter’s cold. At least one appears to have given up. With all the rain (sorry) we have had this Spring the rest of the perenials are blooming beautifully, though a little later than usual.

    • Good morning, Oscar. It’s good to hear that your garden is doing well. It seems to have been a tough winter for roses. Mine died back quite a bit more than usual.

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