Getting Started

After a coolish and rainy April, the garden is full of buds are about ready to burst open with color. Here are a few photos from this morning of our early bloomers.



… Viburnums in the shade


… last of the Sand Cherry Blossoms


… colorful Creeping Phlox


… fragrant Lily of the Valley


… tall, pink Tulips

The garden is just barely getting started for the season. I am looking forward to having more photos to share in the coming months.

Have a great week!

Beauty in an Autumn Garden

With cold weather upon us – it was only in the 30’s F. at lunchtime today – I am not sure for how much longer the garden will be in bloom. So, of course, I am trying to enjoy it as much as I can before winter hits. Here are some photos from this morning. My fingers were numb taking them, but it was still a great pleasure to be out with the flowers.

I am not sure that I can explain it, but I find there to be something romantic about an autumn garden – perhaps it has something to do with its beauty and quietude and all of the memories that it contains.

Several of the roses – Mr. Lincoln and Secret – are especially fragrant now. I wish that I could share their scent with you.

Have a lovely day!








Beautiful Sand Cherry Prunings

Sand Cherries (Prunus x cistena) are one of my favorite ornamental shrubs. While pruning ours this week, I decided to save some of the cuttings to use in use in a floral arrangement. Notice how the bright burgundy leaves go so nicely with these hot pink roses. (Note: watch for ants and other undesirables whenever bringing cuttings inside.)


The Sandy Cherry on the southern side of our house is just starting to leaf out, so its prunings were perfect for my arrangement. The shrubs on the north side are about a week or so behind.  I’ll try to get some more photos when the shrubs are in bloom. In the meantime, Happy Spring!