A Fragrant Rose

Working in the garden this morning, I was so pleased with all of the lovely fragrance lofting through the air.


“Memorial Day” rose, is just on of my fragrant roses. Can’t you almost see it dripping with perfume-scent?

Have a lovely evening!

Happy Mother’s Day

One of the traits that I picked up from my mother is a passion for flowers: for flower gardening, for creating beauty to be shared, for filling the house with blooms.

Happy Mother’s Day, Mom! Thank you for all that you have given me!

And Happy Mother’s Day to the many, many mothers who – amongst all of the other gifts that you give to your your children – teach them to see beauty in the world.


Another Beautiful Season of Kates

Our “Kiss Me Kate” lilies, which are always beautiful, are really having a spectacular season this year with the cooler than normal temperatures that we have been having recently.




Have lovely day!

Secret Rose

Weather conditions can affect not only how floriferous rose bushes are, but also the color of their blooms. We’ve had relatively cool temperatures here in Manhattan, Kansas lately, and several of my bushes are producing extraordinarily vibrant blooms. This photo is of Secret blossoms, which are loving this cool weather. Not only are they showing beautiful color, but they are also wonderfully fragrant.


Have a lovely day!


One of  my projects for today is to pack away our Christmas tree ornaments until next year.  Many of our ornaments are special pieces that have been made or chosen for us family and friends, and so as I put each away I think about these dear people and smile. Some ornaments, though, really make me grin. This feathered mercury glass Boston Terrier, for example, given to us by my sister-in-law Helen, is always one of the last that I box away because it makes me so happy to look at it. I hope that this brings a smile to your face as well!


Crape Myrtle Tonto

The Tonto Crape Myrtle growing in front of the Bed & Breakfast is my favorite of our shrubs. It has been blooming with wonderfully vibrant flowers for about 7-8 weeks so far and is still looking great even this late in the summer.




A Word A Week Challenge: Pink


I thought that these Queen Elizabeth roses from City Park were just beautiful and so perfect for this week’s challenge from A Word in Your Ear.  Thanks for the pink challenge! For more pink from me, see yesterday’s post A Dainty Little Cake.

A Dainty Little Cake

A couple who will be getting married at The Morning Star in October really wanted to preview their cake beforehand. So, I made two miniatures for them to taste, working with a few of the elements that I will be incorporating into the actual wedding cake which will be blush pink, ivory, and steel-gray.


Weekly Photo Challenge: One Shot, Two Ways … Make it Three

The One Shot, Two Ways photo challenge is an exercise in composition: take a photo of the same subject in landscape format and in portrait format. Here are two photos of Hibiscus Kopper King.



Oops, make it three photos! Just for fun, I decided to crop the top one into a square format.