First Iris

Our irises just started blooming, which is really a wonderful thing. There are only a few open just now, but over the next month we should have hundreds and hundreds of iris blooms. So exciting!


8 responses to “First Iris

  1. So beautiful! Mine just started too but my favorite ones, the big purples like this, for some reason can’t stand up straight. It’s like the blooms are too heavy for the stems. I have peach colored ones that stand up perfectly fine but I don’t even like them! haha! I suppose I’m going to have to pull out all the pretty ones just so my iris stand up straight instead of lay on the ground. 😦

    • I wonderful if the weak-stemmed irises need some fertilizer. Or maybe they are in a spot where they get too much wind. Some of my irises really got beat up by the hot winds yesterday. Another possibility might be that the ones with weak stems aren’t getting enough sun and are having to stretch to far to reach light. Good luck figuring it out!

      • They do have to stretch to get sun unfortunately, maybe I should pull all the purple ones and move them to a sunnier spot. For some reason the peachy ones do fine despite it being kind of shady there.

  2. It has been a difficult spring for our roses. We had a hard freeze after I had pruned them, so they got extra die-back on the canes. They are way behind. So I am glad that the irises are starting to get going! Happy gardening to you!

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