Late Autumn Garden

So far this year, it has been a very mild autumn here in Manhattan, Kansas, allowing for an extended period of color in the garden. The weather, the last few days, has been grey and damp, with rain on and off. So the colors are really showing up in bright contrast to the skies. Here are a few pictures that I took this morning. I hope that you enjoy them!










Wishing you a beautiful day!

Beautiful After The Rain

We had a brief downpour yesterday morning and I just couldn’t resist getting some garden photos as soon as the rain stopped. This is one of my favorites. It is of a pale pink lily, stained by the pollen splattered on its petals.


Have a beautiful weekend!

Bright Color, Gloomy Day

This has been a wonderful year for autumn foliage in Manhattan, Kansas. The wind was gusting this morning, so I decided that I had better get some pictures before all the leaves come down. Here is a photo that I took looking up into one of the maple trees in our neighborhood. The colors looked especially vivid against the grey fall sky.  Have a lovely day!


Livin’ Easy Rose

Livin’ Easy is a floribunda rose that I planted last year; so this is its second season in my garden. Even though it has only a light fragrance, I am fond of this rose because it is vibrant and cheerful – and, of course, a pleasure to photograph. Its small, bright coral buds brushed with gold at the base, open to fluffy many-petaled roses which soften in color to a soft apricot as the 4-inch blooms fade. 





Wishing you an easy and pleasant day …


Lions’ Heads Urn

For a while, I have been wanting a beautiful urn for the back garden. Even mature gardens are still always a work in progress. I am delighted to have found this lions’ heads piece which coordinates with our fountain in the front yard. I chose to plant it with bright coral pelargoniums to add cheerful color contrast to the oregano around its base.