Beautiful After The Rain

We had a brief downpour yesterday morning and I just couldn’t resist getting some garden photos as soon as the rain stopped. This is one of my favorites. It is of a pale pink lily, stained by the pollen splattered on its petals.


Have a beautiful weekend!

Easter Lilies in June

Last year someone gave a potted Easter Lily to a friend of mine. After it was done blooming, my friend didn’t want it anymore. So she gave the lily to me and I planted it in my garden. I wasn’t sure whether it would come back this year because it didn’t look very vigorous when I received it; but it did come back and it just started blooming. Its fragrance is equal to its beauty. I wish that I could include some of its scent in this post to share with you. Have a lovely day!


Lovely Kates

Asiatic Lily “Kiss Me Kate” – named, I assume after the Cole Porter musical – is the standout in my garden this week.  I planted the “Kate” bulbs in 2000 and they are still producing beautifully every year. This year, however, we had unusually cool weather for early June – that is, until yesterday afternoon when our official temperature was 99 degrees F. As a result, I had the opportunity to observe that the blooms that opened during the cooler temperatures had much darker coloration than those that opened on warmer days. Kiss Me Kate is a bicolor lily often described as being magenta and creamy yellow. Mine are usually a mauvish-pink turning to salmon-pink at the border of the yellow centers; and just this year did I see a few that were close to red on the outer edges. I have 5 groupings of the Kates, standing at about 3 feet tall. In early morning and early evening light, the colors look like those of the sunset.





Photos From Master Gardener Tour

Sunday was a busy day.  Fortunately, I was able to make it to the local garden tour organized by  Riley County (Kansas) Extension Master Gardeners. I was only able to visit three of the wonderful gardens before having to make it home to check-in guests, but I did get some nice photos that I hope you will enjoy! (By the way, if anyone has suggestions as to how to present the photos in my posts, I am open to advice. I had received some comments early on in my blog that my photos took too long to load. So I have been saving them as smaller files, but sometimes they appear a little grainy.)

You Can’t Give Away Kindness

Kindness is difficult to give away because it always keeps coming back

In recent weeks we have hosted a potpourri of events at the Bed & Breakfast. Afterward, several of our guests sent us flowers to thank us. We, of course, did not expect flowers; but it did make us feel appreciated and that’s a nice feeling. Moreover, it was a reminder of why we do our best to do more than just what is expected of us. It is rewarding to see that our work makes people happy. How lucky we are to have such gracious guests and so many guests that we can call friends!