Rosé Sangria

Morning Star Weddings

This light, dry Sangria is perfect for serving with brunch or with hors d’oeuvres. Enjoy!


1 to 1 1/4 bottles of dry rosé*

1/4 to 1/2 c. orange liqueur

1 c. sliced, fresh strawberries

1/2 c. raspberries

1/2 pear, sliced

1/2 lime, sliced

simple syrup, optional

fresh fruit for garnish

Combine wine, liqueur, and fruit in a glass carafe. Chill for about six hours. Taste. If desired, sweeten with simple syrup. Pour into wine glasses – ice cubes, optional. Garnish with fruit. Enjoy!

* Preferably a dark colored rosé from France or Italy.

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The Next Big Chore

I managed to get our roses bushes pruned a few weeks ago, which was a little early for pruning, but I wanted to get the yard spruced up for a wedding. Now the next big chore is pruning the rest of our shrubs: hydrangeas*, crape myrtles, several varieties of spirea, viburnums, sand cherries, beauty berries, boxwoods, mugo pines, cedars and junipers. No wonder that it seems like a lot to do! 


This is a hydrangea grandiflora paniculata which blooms best with severe blooming in the spring. It is definitely worth the work!

* Note, spring-blooming hydrangeas should be pruned after blooming. Those that bloom in summer and autumn should be pruned in spring.

Time for More Basil

Back in early October, we had unseasonably cold weather.  So I snipped about a dozen branches from the basil plants in my garden and put them into water, hoping to extend their usable life by a few weeks. To my surprise they rooted and thrived in my kitchen. (I was surprised because I have never had luck keeping potted basil plants inside.) To my even greater surprise, I was able to keep them going for six months … well at least one of them. Because I used their leaves all winter, I am down to the last stem on my last branch. They were incredibly easy to keep going. I just changed the water and washed out the jars about once a week. What a wonderful, unexpected run of fresh basil. It is still too early to put new plants into the ground, as basil is not very cold hardy. However, I can start a few pots and just bring them in when the temperatures are about to dip too low. Yay! No need to be without this wonderful herb!



Have a lovely weekend!

The First Garden Flowers of Spring

Oh, joy! Two little Pickwick Crocuses popped their heads up today – the first flowers of the season to come up in my garden. Though they are just wee little things, it is a wonderful sign because once blooms start appearing more will soon follow!


Have a lovely day!