The First Garden Flowers of Spring

Oh, joy! Two little Pickwick Crocuses popped their heads up today – the first flowers of the season to come up in my garden. Though they are just wee little things, it is a wonderful sign because once blooms start appearing more will soon follow!


Have a lovely day!

The Virtuous Bleeding Heart

“There are many things that catch your eye, but only a few that catch your heart …”

Twelve years ago, I planted two bleeding hearts (dicentra spectabilis) by the front steps, pink to one side, white to the other. The pink was the showier of the two but disappeared a few years ago for some unknown reason. The white, more petite and less showy, keeps returning.  Though it goes dormant as soon as summer’s heat sets in, I appreciate the subtle beauty of my white bleeding hearts while in bloom. Image

First Bloom: Lenten Rose

    It is difficult not to get overly expectant for a yard full of blooms once that first flower appears each Spring, but experience has taught me patience. On this sunny afternoon, I was able to capture my first garden image of the year … hopefully with plenty more to follow. But for now, my lonely lenten roses (hellebores) are the only plants blooming. It will probably be late April before the garden starts to put on a show. Starting soon, we’ll employ potted annuals to fill the gap until it is time for the perennials to shineImage.