Time for More Basil

Back in early October, we had unseasonably cold weather.  So I snipped about a dozen branches from the basil plants in my garden and put them into water, hoping to extend their usable life by a few weeks. To my surprise they rooted and thrived in my kitchen. (I was surprised because I have never had luck keeping potted basil plants inside.) To my even greater surprise, I was able to keep them going for six months … well at least one of them. Because I used their leaves all winter, I am down to the last stem on my last branch. They were incredibly easy to keep going. I just changed the water and washed out the jars about once a week. What a wonderful, unexpected run of fresh basil. It is still too early to put new plants into the ground, as basil is not very cold hardy. However, I can start a few pots and just bring them in when the temperatures are about to dip too low. Yay! No need to be without this wonderful herb!



Have a lovely weekend!

7 responses to “Time for More Basil

  1. At least lots of nurseries sell Thai basil … and if you can’t find it, you can go out for Pho again and bring home your garnish to root : )

  2. So cool! I once took a stem of Thai basil home with me from a Vietnamese restaurant (it comes on a platter with bean sprouts, lime, and peppers to add to your pho) and put it in water and it did root, but I never did get it planted like I hoped to. So no Thai basil for homemade pho for me 😦

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