Special of the Day: Spinach Omelette with Leeks

Everyday we offer a set breakfast menu plus a daily special. Today’s special was Spinach Omelette with Leeks.

The omelettes were filled with organic baby spinach, sautéed leeks, and shredded Monterey Jack and mild Cheddar cheeses. They were seasoned with a homemade herb salt made with herbs from our garden. The fresh leeks were sautéed in extra virgin olive oil with a splash of  Sauvignon Blanc and seasoned with the herb salt. They were finished with a twist of fresh ground green, black and pink peppercorns.

At the end of the meal, there were clean plates all around. Just what I like to see!

6 responses to “Special of the Day: Spinach Omelette with Leeks

  1. I have only spent one week of my whole life in a B&B type setting but really it was called a hunting lodge up in Doaktown NB Canada where I fished for wild Salmon. The lady of the house made nice breakfasts and dinners for us and lunch I think was soup and sandwich The night before we left to come back to the states she fed us left overs from all our prier meals and really most went on a Pizza lol I have never been comfortable having other wait on me I always liked doing that 🙂
    Her husband was another story but then again so was mine 😦

      • Thanks but I MEAN IT! On Weight Watchers eggs and Leeks and all kind of veggie will get me to goal! I no longer need food mags. I have all you wonderful cooks to follow 🙂 I cook awesome to just never got into taking photos of my meals lol even went to culinary art school for 6 weeks in HS always loved cooking but my rig took me places a hot kitchen NEVER COULD 🙂

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