Garden Update

For some time, I’ve been wanting to put an arbor over the bench that looks out on the garden. Since we have several garden weddings coming up at the Bed & Breakfast, I decided to go ahead and get that arbor. I don’t have time to get anything growing on it before Saturday’s wedding, so I am trying to figure out whether we need to decorate the arbor and if so … how. (The bench will be moved out of the way and we’ll have mums around the arbor’s base.)

The fountain looks great, but I worry that this might be its last season. Each year it gets more difficult to repair weather’s tolls. We really love having the fountain, though. It is beautiful and we enjoy the water sounds. So we’ll keep it running for as long as we can.

It rained on and off all day yesterday – a gentle, soaking rain of the type that is good for the garden. I managed to get some lovely photos of my roses after breakfast this morning. This is my favorite of the photos …

Have a wonderful day!

15 responses to “Garden Update

  1. I find that one arbor leads to another, and another, and… We now have two over the walk, 3 arbor gates to garden areas, one over a bench, and a grape arbor. More to come!

    • Me too. We’re still behind in rain, but doing better. Due to the dryness, a lot of trees are losing their leaves before they’ve had a chance to turn. Our Linden tree is usually a gorgeous yellow in the Fall, but it won’t be this year. Thanks for your note!

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