Happy Accidents or What to do With Fragrant Phlox

When working in the garden the other day, I noticed that my Fragrant Phlox (phlox paniculata) was blooming in some unexpected places. While quite lovely, once it is done blooming, I’ll yank it up so that it does not become established where it is not supposed to be.

Here it is growing up through the edge of one of my Beauty Berry bushes (callicarpa americana) …… and here it is growing too close to one of my rose bushes (variety unknown).
Fragrant phlox likes to move around in a garden, though it is certainly not the worst offender in that regard. I find that rigorous dead-heading keeps it mostly under control. And when it does appear somewhere unwanted, it is easy enough to eliminate. I tend to let it bloom once anywhere that I like the look of it – and then yank! Afterall, I don’t want it taking over my other plantings. But in the meantime, occasionally it is nice to enjoy some of nature’s accidental pairings.