Daily Prompt: Singin’ In the Rain

Rarely does the Daily Prompt fit my day quite so well as today. With gentle rain showers on and off this afternoon – the kind that sinks into the soil without beating up the plants – I felt like singin’ in the rain with joy for my plants and with relief that I didn’t have to drag hoses around today. Instead, I walked around in the rain and photographed my garden. I hope that you enjoy the images!







10 responses to “Daily Prompt: Singin’ In the Rain

  1. I love the rainy days, too, Laurie. You have captured the raindrops and the way the light on rainy days highlights/enhances the COLORS in your beautiful garden. Thank you for sharing this with us!

  2. What a lovely garden, loved the photos. I enjoy the enhanced color the rain brings to both the garden and the forest, I love seeing the raindrops bead up on the foliage…thank you for sharing a little bit of perfect.

    • I started our with soaker hoses when I first designed the garden, but I had several problems with them: (1) I couldn’t get them to curve tightly enough to make it around every plant and (2) since not all plants have the same water requirements, some got overwatered and some got underwatered. I know some gardens are designed so that low water plants are in one zone and high water plants are in another, but my plants repeat throughout the garden. Maybe a drip system some day?? Thanks for your note!

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