2 responses to “Rainy Day People/Weekly Photo Challenge: On the Way

  1. I’ve been wondering whether the green-yellow swirles on the NOAA weather map have been passing over you. We flew to California earlier this week. The Rockies had a good cap of Spring snow, though I understand that the Winter snow pakc was bleak.
    P.S. Nice use of depth of field and contrast between the still of the tree branch and the movement of the family under the umbrella.

    • Good morning, Oscar. It is always a pleasure to hear from you. We did have a large storm pass through the area overnight. I was surprised to find only minor damage to the yard – the tops snapped off a couple of my hybrid tea roses, my hydrangeas all in a tangle, and lots of small branches down … that sort of thing. I hope that your garden is doing well so far this season.
      I’m glad that you like the photo. It has been a while since I have participated in the weekly challenge.

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