Living Easy

I think that I have probably blogged about every drop of precipitation that we have had here in Manhattan, Kansas in the last six months. It has been a dry year.  Last night and early this morning, though, we had a soaking rain – about one inch worth. We need the moisture, but I was a little concerned about how the garden might look this morning after the storm front passed. Though most of the flowers were a bit droopy, they were still quite lovely. There is something about the light after a rain that can make colors seem all the more vibrant.

Below is a photo that I took this morning of one of my roses. It is “Living Easy” – a floribunda rose that was introduced in 1992.  “Living Easy” is an All American Rose selection noted for being disease resistant; and, indeed, it fared much better against black spot and mildew than did some of my other roses this past summer. Its petals are yellow at the base, turning peach-colored, and can be tinged with pink at the tip. It has a pleasing, medium citrusy-rose fragrance. I’ve enjoyed its blooms all summer, but Living Easy shows up especially well in the autumn garden. It really is gorgeous right now, even drenched with rain.

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