Easter Lilies in June

Last year someone gave a potted Easter Lily to a friend of mine. After it was done blooming, my friend didn’t want it anymore. So she gave the lily to me and I planted it in my garden. I wasn’t sure whether it would come back this year because it didn’t look very vigorous when I received it; but it did come back and it just started blooming. Its fragrance is equal to its beauty. I wish that I could include some of its scent in this post to share with you. Have a lovely day!


5 responses to “Easter Lilies in June

  1. By far the lilies are my plant of all plants! Love them to a crazy degree..the shape, the foliage, the varied types…everything about them is so fascinating to me.
    Your’s looks really healthy. How many blooms are still left to open?

    • Hi, Karen. Lilies are a wonderful interest to have! My Easter lily has nine blooms open and 2 in the bud stage; but it is planted next to Miss Lucy lilies which are just now getting buds. I have a bunch of cream colored Asiatics that have been blooming all week. I wish that I knew the name of them. Did you every get some wild daylilies?


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