Easter Lilies in June

Last year someone gave a potted Easter Lily to a friend of mine. After it was done blooming, my friend didn’t want it anymore. So she gave the lily to me and I planted it in my garden. I wasn’t sure whether it would come back this year because it didn’t look very vigorous when I received it; but it did come back and it just started blooming. Its fragrance is equal to its beauty. I wish that I could include some of its scent in this post to share with you. Have a lovely day!


Iris Season

Our irises started blooming about a week ago in back and a few days ago in front. They’re almost a month early this year. Usually they are at they’re peak in mid-May, right around time for K-State graduation and Mother’s Day.  This year, they will probably be at their peak in about a week. There are lots of buds ready to pop open. These white irises really glow planted in front of sand cherry bushes! I just love them whenever they bloom. Expect more pictures in the weeks to come. Image

The Virtuous Bleeding Heart

“There are many things that catch your eye, but only a few that catch your heart …”

Twelve years ago, I planted two bleeding hearts (dicentra spectabilis) by the front steps, pink to one side, white to the other. The pink was the showier of the two but disappeared a few years ago for some unknown reason. The white, more petite and less showy, keeps returning.  Though it goes dormant as soon as summer’s heat sets in, I appreciate the subtle beauty of my white bleeding hearts while in bloom. Image