Happy Echinacea

It is a hot but glorious day here in Manhattan, Kansas and the purple coneflowers are just soaking up the sun. With the Linden tree out front gone, the echinacea which it had partially shaded are looking better than ever. Don’t they just seem to be loving summer? Now if only there were some butterflies out there …


9 responses to “Happy Echinacea

  1. Beautiful photo! I love Echinacea and it seems to grow well here in Calgary…everywhere but in my garden, it seems! šŸ˜¦ I’ve tried planting it several times but for some reason it never lives beyond two or three years. I’ll have to keep trying….

  2. I know this must sound crazy, but I didn’t know echinacea was a flower….I just knew it was a natural supplement (taken from where I didn’t know-some sort of plant-lol) to help boost your immune system! My hubby uses it whenever he’s sick or trying not to get sick while I’m sick. They are so pretty!

  3. I love echinacea, all shades, even black which I planted but never got to see multiply as I sold my house the following year after I planted it. They are easy to grow and beautiful as cut flowers.

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