Weekly Photo Challenge: Perspective

While in Florida recently, I stepped outside one evening and was surprised to see a brilliant post-storm vista unfold. Fortunately, I had my cell phone with me and was able to catch a few photos as the sun yielded the horizon to nightfall.


This week’s challenge invites the photographer to use perspective to make the subject of the photo look like something other than what it is. The scene that I photographed was the view as I accompanied my mother to her mailbox. I used perspective to hide the street and cars and to compose the image, capturing only the elements I wanted to remember. For more on this week’s Photo Challenge

Look at the View!

My mother lives in a beautiful location in the Adirondack Mountains of upstate New York. The gorgeous scenery prompts her to exclaim, “look at the view!” whenever she has company – something we in the family love to tease her about. During a recent visit, I took these photos from her beach. Indeed, it is a lovely view … in any direction, any time of the day.

Sunset Over Houston Street

Last night I went out on the front porch of the B&B and was startled by the hues of the setting sun. I ran inside for my camera, took a few shots from the porch and headed up the street for a better vantage point. I’m guessing that I took these photos over about a 15 minute period. For the last shot, I really zoomed in on the sunset. The view made me feel like I was in the mountains. Our sunrises and sunsets have been unusually bold lately due to the fires in Colorado. It is sad to think that something so destructive helped to produce these beautiful colors.

Adirondack Sunsets

While visiting my mother in the Adirondacks recently, I had a chance to enjoy some beautiful sunsets. I thought I’d share  a few of my favorite photographs. As my mother likes to say, “Look at the view!” (Please let me know if you have problems viewing the photos.) Enjoy!