Weekly Photo Challenge: Perspective

While in Florida recently, I stepped outside one evening and was surprised to see a brilliant post-storm vista unfold. Fortunately, I had my cell phone with me and was able to catch a few photos as the sun yielded the horizon to nightfall.


This week’s challenge invites the photographer to use perspective to make the subject of the photo look like something other than what it is. The scene that I photographed was the view as I accompanied my mother to her mailbox. I used perspective to hide the street and cars and to compose the image, capturing only the elements I wanted to remember. For more on this week’s Photo Challenge

Weekly Photo Challenge: Fleeting

I took this photo last summer when my mother and I were visiting Gull Pond. I am not sure what we saw scurrying across the surface of the water. We thought that perhaps a school of fish was causing a swarm of insects to flee, but we never saw any fish rise. Whatever it was, it was interesting to watch. It only lasted a few minutes and then was gone.


Travel Theme: Beaches

Where’s My Backpack‘s travel theme for this week is beaches.

It was difficult to decide which image I wanted to share, but decided upon one of my favorite photos from Ohope Beach, New Zealand.  Its atmospheric quality seemed to fit my mood this morning. I hope that you enjoy the photo.