Pinks and Golden Yellows in May Garden

We’ve had a bit of stormy weather here in Kansas over the last few days – with more in store over the next few.

Some of our flowers, especially some of the roses, have gotten bedraggled. Others have really pulled through, thankfully, and they are some of my fragrant varieties; so that is quite nice.

The “Kiss Me Kate” Asiatic Lilies just started opening and are especially saturated with color – I think due to the cooler spring temperatures than we have most years. The coreopsis have also just started to put on their show for the summer.

As you can see from the photos, at this time of year, the color scheme for the garden is one of contrasts predominantly strong pinks and golden yellows. In a few weeks, that shall change. With its long bloom season and variety of perennials, the garden is always changing.

“Kiss Me Kate” mixed in with “Memorial Day” Rose. Spireas in the background and Golden Oregano as ground cover.



Coreopsis …



Above, “Secret” Rose.

Here in the U.S. it is a holiday weekend – Memorial Day Weekend. Wishing you the best …

Another Beautiful Season of Kates

Our “Kiss Me Kate” lilies, which are always beautiful, are really having a spectacular season this year with the cooler than normal temperatures that we have been having recently.




Have lovely day!

Weekly Photo Challenge: The World Through Your Eyes

This is a picture that I took this morning in between serving breakfasts. The theme for this photo challenge – the world through your eyes – calls for the photographer to use lines and light, etc. to make clear what she had in mind in taking the photo. If you look at this lily and feel like it is right in front of you, then I have succeeded in showing it through my eyes.


By the way, if you read my Wild Daylily Gin & Tonics post, you will want to note that this is an Asiatic lily, not a daylily. Asiatic lilies are not edible!

Lovely Kates

Asiatic Lily “Kiss Me Kate” – named, I assume after the Cole Porter musical – is the standout in my garden this week.  I planted the “Kate” bulbs in 2000 and they are still producing beautifully every year. This year, however, we had unusually cool weather for early June – that is, until yesterday afternoon when our official temperature was 99 degrees F. As a result, I had the opportunity to observe that the blooms that opened during the cooler temperatures had much darker coloration than those that opened on warmer days. Kiss Me Kate is a bicolor lily often described as being magenta and creamy yellow. Mine are usually a mauvish-pink turning to salmon-pink at the border of the yellow centers; and just this year did I see a few that were close to red on the outer edges. I have 5 groupings of the Kates, standing at about 3 feet tall. In early morning and early evening light, the colors look like those of the sunset.