Weekly Photo Challenge: One Shot, Two Ways … Make it Three

The One Shot, Two Ways photo challenge is an exercise in composition: take a photo of the same subject in landscape format and in portrait format. Here are two photos of Hibiscus Kopper King.



Oops, make it three photos! Just for fun, I decided to crop the top one into a square format.


11 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge: One Shot, Two Ways … Make it Three

    • Oh, good. I am glad that you think so, Jana. I was a little worried that close-ups might not work as well as shots that had more in them.

  1. Digital photography makes multiple shots easy. Particularly with close ups, or things that move (insects, flowers in the wind), I often snap away, then select the image that came our clearest, or best framed.

    • Yes, digital photography makes experimentation much easier. I still find, though, that I generally think about my photos before clicking away … but not always!

      Have a nice evening, Oscar.


      • Composition is an element that I have practiced for years. I am spending more time with shutter speeds and apature settings for different effects now. Then, I take multiple frames…

        • If I have good lighting, I usually just work with aperture. If the lighting isn’t what I want, or if I am trying to capture motion, then I adjust both aperture and speed. I need to be better about taking my tripod around with me.


  2. Such a pretty flower, you can’t go wrong! And is it possible for these to just crop up randomly? Because they look just like the flowers that are growing on a vine around our fence right now. It never happened before but they’re just beautiful! I think you can see them behind me in my pregnancy photos this week but I can email you a closer shot if not. Do you think they’re Hibiscus?

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