Prairie, Bright

This is a watercolor that I painted a few years ago. It is an abstract landscape called Prairie, Bright. I gave it to my friend Carolyn, as a thank you for her help in printing my first cookbook. I used to do watercolor, watercolor-and-ink, and watercolor mixed media paintings – that is until I took up food photography for the book. Since then, whenever I have ten minutes to spare, I am off photographing something or another. One of these days, I’ll get back to painting.  I had thought about entering this image into the Weekly Photography Challenge since the theme this week is to take a picture of something you have created. The painting itself, though, is more interesting than the photo of it. So, the challenge is still on. Will I be able to come up with an idea and an image?

6 responses to “Prairie, Bright

  1. This is such a beautiful painting! You should definitely take up painting again when you get a chance – you have a real talent for it. I like oil painting but, for some reason, have always had a lot of difficulty with water colors so I really admire your talent.

    • You are very kind. I am pleased that you like the painting. I have never tried oil painting. My maternal grandmother was an oil painter, though. She did majestic seascapes.

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