Livin’ Easy Rose

Livin’ Easy is a floribunda rose that I planted last year; so this is its second season in my garden. Even though it has only a light fragrance, I am fond of this rose because it is vibrant and cheerful – and, of course, a pleasure to photograph. Its small, bright coral buds brushed with gold at the base, open to fluffy many-petaled roses which soften in color to a soft apricot as the 4-inch blooms fade. 





Wishing you an easy and pleasant day …


6 responses to “Livin’ Easy Rose

  1. Just yesterday, I noticed that our roses (one climber and other bush) had open blooms. The others bloom later. Where are your roses in your garden? Do you have a good place to sit and enjoy the view?

    • Our roses are in the front year where they can be viewed by passers-by and anyone sitting on the porch; but, of course, they are best appreciated from in the garden.

      Do you have all of your vegetables in the ground for the season?


      • Multiple times, with our temperatures alternating between the 80’s and 30’s over the past month! (i.e. we have had to replace some of the vegetables and annuals that got frosted, during late Spring frosts). Now it is “weeding” season before the weeds get deep roots.

        • I try to convince myself that weeding is a good way for me to stay in touch with the health of my garden because it makes me get down on my knees and examine everything up close. It’s still a tedious chore. Good luck with the weather from here on out.

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