Happy National Rose Month

June is National Rose Month.

This is a photo that I took a few mornings ago of a Royal Amethyst bloom. In hotter weather than we have been having, the flowers on Royal Amethyst can be a bit lighter-colored. This one, though, is a rich pinkish purple, literally dripping with color – probably due to a rain the day before. Oh, and it is so fragrant!


Wishing you a rose-filled month! Of course, I’ll be sharing more photos of roses from our front garden. I hope that you enjoy them.

6 responses to “Happy National Rose Month

  1. It is about 4 blocks away. I have been there several times and frequently our guests go there. Its interactive exhibits are about the natural history of the Flint Hills and the peoples who have lived in this area. It is very interesting.

    • Hi, Oscar. I am glad to hear that your roses have started to bloom. I remember that you said that they took a beating this winter. I bet that the Botanical Gardens were a lot of fun. I need to make some time to get up to the Kansas State University Gardens.

      • I came across a photo of the Flint Hill Discovery Center in Manhattan, Kansas (Colonial Williamsburg journal, Spring issues, in an article on museum design). Is this near you?

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