Thanking the Stars


With the holiday season upon us, I would like to take the time to express appreciation to the people who follow A Taste of Morning and thereby inspire me to keep doing the blog,  to the bloggers whose photos and essays I enjoy so very much, and to those who have kindly nominated this blog for awards. Thank you and may your holidays be filled with peace and joy!


Every now and then someone nominates A Taste of Morning for an award, most recently Christina from ChristinaSandru and Lonnie from The Belmont Rooster. These people have themselves received awards for their interesting blogs for which they are to be congratulated.

It pleases me when I learn that someone enjoys my posts enough to nominate this blog in return, even  though a while back, for various reasons, I stopped participating in the awards process.  I can’t possibly list all of the blogs that I like, but here are a foodie blogs that you might enjoy given that the holidays are a time for entertaining.

Food/Wine & Spirits/Entertaining Blogs

For the Love of the South

Frugal Feeding

Putney Farm

Cottage Grove House

Boozed and Infused

Acorn in the Kitchen

The Novice Gardener (Gardening, Food)

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