A Fine Morning for Quilting

Since my guests were all having late breakfasts this morning, I decide to do some photography in the garden while I had a chance. When I was out there, I noticed one of our guests sitting on the porch and working on a very handsome quilt. I decided to switch gears and photograph her instead. Abby was enjoying the morning light for working on her project while waiting for her husband to get up for breakfast. A friend had given Abby some sunflower fabric that she had purchased on a vacation and Abby was using it in a sunflower-themed quilt. So much painstaking work!






Thank you to Abby from Kansas for graciously allowing me to photograph her while she sewed and to use the photos on my blog!


7 responses to “A Fine Morning for Quilting

  1. Absolutely gorgeous — both Abby’s quilt and your photos. What a pleasure to see. Thank you!

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