Here Today … But What About Tomorrow?

Even by Kansas standards, our recent weather has been unusually variable. It has been gorgeous and sunny the past few days with high temperatures in the mid-80’s. (In case you don’t remember, we had snow last week.)  The warm weather has stimulated plants to put on a lot of growth and it is really starting to look like Spring; and yet cold weather is supposed to roll back in tomorrow with the chance of snow Thursday and Friday. That would be snow in May – not very good for the garden, even if it doesn’t stick around. So, I decided that I’d better enjoy the flowers while they last and get some photos of them today. I’m so glad that I did. Photographing flowers makes one stop and really look at them. What a nice thing!






8 responses to “Here Today … But What About Tomorrow?

    • We had snow-rain-snow-rain, etc. all day, so nothing stuck to the ground. Some of the roses didn’t look so happy, but I they will be ok.

      I enjoyed your snow pics … especially the one of the dove!


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