Winding Down

It was with some sentimentality that I photographed the garden yesterday. I knew that a freeze was predicted for last night, a sure sign that garden will be winding down for the year. As I sit here and write before sunrise, it is 30 degrees F. outside; and though it is toasty warm in the B&B, I know that once the sun comes up and I take a look around, I’ll see that some of my flowers and herbs have been nipped by the cold. It will take cooler temperatures to make the hardy perennials and shrubs go dormant for the winter. In fact, if the day time temperatures are warm enough, the ground cover roses will keep producing blooms for up to 4 more weeks, but the other roses are almost done for the year. The chrysanthemum plants will be fine, but probably not the flowers. The asters, which put out one big flush of flowers every year in late October have had their show, though they will have color for a little longer.

Yesterday’s Garden

Aster ‘Raydon’s Favorite’

Rose ‘Memorial Day’

Chrysanthemum ‘Diana’ with Ground Cover Roses

White Rose (unknown variety)

White Mum (unknown variety)

Crape Myrtle Foliage


It was a beautiful sunrise. After serving breakfast, I did a brief inspection of the garden. I lost the what was left of my hibiscuses, the potted impatiens, a few hostas, all of my Autumn Joy sedums, and some of the chrysanthemums. Overall, not too bad.

Sunrise This Morning

14 responses to “Winding Down

  1. The flowers are beautiful and what a gorgeous sunrise! Fall is always such a bittersweet time. Beautiful fall colors and great anticipation for gatherings, etc. but it’s sad to see many of the flowers go.

  2. The flowers are so beautiful! Your garden is wonderful! ๐Ÿ™‚
    Have a nice Sunday! ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. The blooming plants really struggled with this summer’s heat and only reached their peak a couple of weeks ago. And then *wham!* a frost. Poor plants. Your photos are fabulous, though. I’m glad you could capture what beauty the gardens could bring this year.

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