Weekly Photo Challenge: Big

The Mr. Lincoln rose is cherished as  long-stem cutting variety for its fragrant large single blooms born atop very long canes. The photo above is of a bloom on the Mr. Lincoln Rose in our front yard. The canes on this rose bush are standing at over just over 7-feet tall right now. I believe that is about the maximum height for  a Mr. Lincoln. I had to extend my tripod to its fullest height to get this photo; and with a breeze blowing the canes around, I had my doubts about whether I would get a good shot at all. This particular bloom is about 4.5 inches across and 4 inches tall. It is highly fragrant and full of color.  I’d call it a big rose. There are currently two such blooms on this bush with three more buds yet to open. I can never bring myself to cut my roses, though. I like having them in the garden for everyone to enjoy. After the remaining three buds open, I suspect that this Mr. Lincoln will be done blooming for the season. It takes a lot of energy to put on such a stunning show. On a side note, Mr. Lincoln roses are described in horticultural literature as being a uniformly dark red, but mine always have a little tinge of magenta.