I’ve Been Inspired by … The Moon

Due to the warm weather, I have been outside earlier in the morning and later at night than usual.  So I’ve been seeing more of the moon. I had tried getting pictures of it in the sky near Seven Dolors Church, but was disappointed with how they turned out. Right around the same time Lynda Michelle posted a photo of the moon and we exchanged a few comments which determined me to try again. At around 10 p.m. last night the moon was bright orange – like a sunrise and  just captivating. So I grabbed my camera and tripod and ran outside to try to get a good shot. I didn’t quite manage to capture the glowing orange color – maybe I need to use a filter? – but I did get a few photos that indicate what a beautiful scene it was. Lynda Michelle took her photo when it was not quite as dark out, but I loved the contrast between the dark sky and the orange moon. Every time I see the moon like that, I am amazed that it is just reflecting the light of the sun. Thanks for the encouragement, Lynda Michelle.

Happy 4th of July everyone!

11 responses to “I’ve Been Inspired by … The Moon

    • I am discovering that. It turns out that were having spectacular sunrises and sunsets – and views of the moon – because of the forest fires in Colorado. I’ve been glad to have the views, but not happy about the reason for them.


  1. It is amazing that it is reflected light from the sun that lets us see the “lesser light by night.” Beautiful. I’ve stepped outside a few nights this week to see the moon, too… so full and round and pleasant.

  2. I struggle to shoot the moon. I fiddle with settings galore but cannot translate what I see through the viewfinder into a photograph. I think yours turned out nicely!

  3. These turned out great! I’m jealous, I’m always trying to catch photos of the moon, but they just never quite capture the actual beauty of it. I love the moon!

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