Remembering Ginger 1995-2012

This is a portrait that I did of our Boston Terrier Ginger as a present for my husband a few years ago. Ginger was a Papa’s girl and, even though we have loved all of our dogs, Ginger was Bill’s favorite. She had a wonderful and long life. Even for a small dog, 17 is quite old. Ginger loved to play more than any other dog I have known. When I took her to puppy classes, I had to reward her with a tennis ball rather than with dog treats. Her favorite game was frisbee. When Ginger was a younger dog, Bill took her to the park to play frisbee once or twice everyday. They even played in the snow. Bill used to take her on vacations to see how many states the two of them could play frisbee in. He says he didn’t take me because I don’t play frisbee. When Lucy game along, Ginger taught her to play frisbee too. Ginger liked her throws fast and long – she was all about speed – while Lucy liked lofty lobs that she could jump to catch. People driving by used to get out of their cars to watch Bill and the two little dogs play.

Ginger enjoyed the company of her five Boston Terrier “sisters” over the years. Millie was an old dog by the time Ginger came along, but the two of them played chase, tug, and jump over Mommy. We got Lucy to be a buddy for Ginger when Millie no longer had the energy to keep up with Ging. We always say that Lucy and Ginger played like little maniacs when they were young – and we mean that in a good way. They were best buds even after Ginger started going blind. Lucy used to help her older companion find her frisbee until Ginger just couldn’t play the game anymore. We got Abbey to play with Lucy when Ginger lost her eyesight, but the three of them were all friends. When Lucy passed, we got Penny. Then a few months ago, we took in a rescue dog named Peachy. Ginger enjoyed having her new and younger siblings snuggle with her. Being blind, it was important for her to have lots of physical contact.

Over the  years, Ginger entertained many guests at the The Morning Star. She had a way of turning absolutely everything into a game. Guests who have stayed with us repeatedly over the years will surely be saddened that Ginger is gone.

Bill and I shall miss our little Ginger, but are thankful to have had her for so long.