Dinosaur Easter Eggs

To make these fun colored eggs …

(1) Gather together several glass jelly jars. Put a teaspoon of white vinegar into each. Add two drops of food coloring, using a different color for each jar. Add just enough hot water so that when you put an egg into the jar, it will be covered.

(2) Place hard boiled white eggs (in the shells) into the jars. Let them sit for a few minutes, then move them around from jar to jar until you are happy with the base color.

(3) Place several eggs in a glass or stainless steel bowl. Drop food coloring directly on the eggs. Pour a small amount of vinegar over eggs. Swirl the bowl around.  Lightly scratch the eggs with the tines of a fork.

(4) Repeat step (3), using different colors. When you are pleased with the designs, you are done!

Note: it is a good idea to wear gloves when handling eggs. Have fun!

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