The Underrated Chive

I enjoy growing herbs and edible flowers. Chives are wonderful to grow because both the greens and the blossoms are edible. My favorite use for snipped chives is mixed into plain Greek yogurt with a little salt and pepper for a veggie dip. I use the chopped blossoms in salads and omelets and whole blossoms for garnishes. I just made a bottle of herbed vinegar with whole chive blossoms, snipped chives, golden oregano leaves and a peeled clove of garlic.

To make vinegar wash herbs and shake well to dry. Add to a sterilized bottle. Top with white vinegar or a blend of white and rice wine vinegar. It is generally recommended that the vinegar be of 5% acidity.

Seal bottle with a cork or plastic cap. Store in a cool dark place for several weeks. The flowers will have a bleached appearance and the vinegar will have picked up color from the herbs. Strain vinegar before using. Use in salad dressings or sprinkle on vegetables.