Red Bud Time

This is a beautiful time to take walks in Manhattan, not just because of the weather, but because of all of the flowering trees: red buds, white buds, pear, crab apple, and so forth. These are some pictures that I took yesterday while walking past the Manhattan Public Library.Red & White Bud Trees


For this first time ever, I have successfully over-wintered Rosemary in a pot outdoors. I am thrilled to have fresh rosemary to cook with that I thought that I would share my favorite way to use it. Start with fresh rosemary that has been washed and dried off. Put some olive oil and fresh rosemary in a skillet, then warm over medium heat. Once the rosemary has lost its bright green color, remove from pan. Use flavored olive oil right away to flavor eggs, potatoes, asparagus or mushrooms.Image

Changing of the Seasons Underway

Two sure signs of the change from Winter to Spring –

Our porch furniture is back, waiting to be enjoyed, after a long few months in storage!

New spring-like bird-themed throw pillows lighten up the living room.

But we haven’t officially proclaimed winter over until the annual uncovering of the fountain. We’ll keep you posted!ImageImage

When Life Gives You Lemons …

    The first day of daylight savings time is not an innkeeper’s favorite day of the year, especially when it is gray and rainy.  But when life gives you lemons … make Lemon Poppy Seed Muffins : ) Last night’s guests awakened this morning to the sweet and citrusy smell of lemon poppy seed muffins baking and fresh coffee brewing. To complete the breakfast special, we had chicken omelettes topped with sherried baby portobello mushrooms. Yum! Post-breakfast nap anyone …?Image

First Bloom: Lenten Rose

    It is difficult not to get overly expectant for a yard full of blooms once that first flower appears each Spring, but experience has taught me patience. On this sunny afternoon, I was able to capture my first garden image of the year … hopefully with plenty more to follow. But for now, my lonely lenten roses (hellebores) are the only plants blooming. It will probably be late April before the garden starts to put on a show. Starting soon, we’ll employ potted annuals to fill the gap until it is time for the perennials to shineImage.