Daily Prompt: Next Door

Looking eastward, this is our next door neighbor’s porch as seen through one of our “Summer Snowflake” viburnums.  The trees, in  summer, create a delicate white-flowered screen between the two houses. In winter, though not flowering, they still provide interest and, from certain angles, allow just a peek at next door.


Wishing you a wonderful weekend!

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Bright Color, Gloomy Day

This has been a wonderful year for autumn foliage in Manhattan, Kansas. The wind was gusting this morning, so I decided that I had better get some pictures before all the leaves come down. Here is a photo that I took looking up into one of the maple trees in our neighborhood. The colors looked especially vivid against the grey fall sky.  Have a lovely day!


Goodbye Linden Tree

We used to have a beautiful American Linden Tree in front of our house. That is, it was in front of our house until this morning and it was beautiful until last summer. Even though we watered it regularly last year, it suffered from drought and heat stress as was evident by the fact that it dropped its leaves late in the summer rather than after they had turned golden in the autumn as it had in previous years. That worried me. Then, to my relief, this spring it set leaf buds. Unfortunately, it set them just in time for the buds to get frozen when we had snow in early May. That was it for our Linden tree. Though it tried to come back, it was mostly dead. The city came and cut it down this morning, since it was on the city’s easement. Now part of the front yard will receive much more summer sun than it has in years. I shall have to observe this area in the coming weeks to determine whether any of the perennials need to be moved to a cooler location. I was sad to see the tree go. I had been pruning it for the past 13 years and really liked its shape.

The Linden tree last summer, lush with leaves …


Its leaf buds, killed off by cold temperatures in May …


The tree did manage to produce a few little shoots on the trunk after May’s freeze, but they were not going to be enough to allow it to thrive.


And so it went …


I’m not used to seeing our house without the tree in front. This will take a little getting used to. Luckily, there are still a lot of tall trees around.


Have a great day!

Be Careful What We Wish For …

Going through my photo library, looking for images of winter, I came across this photo that I took 5 years ago today. It was a good reminder of the ice storm that struck Manhattan, Kansas and large parts of the midwest in 2007. Parts of town were without power for 10 days. As pretty as it was, brrr … it was cold!


Though the temperatures have gotten quite cold – a low of 9 degrees F. yesterday – I’ve still heard a few people expressing a wish for some real winter weather. But let us be careful what we wish for.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Change of Seasons

Late Autumn – Early Winter on the Konza Prairie

For this week’s photography challenge, I headed out to the Konza Prairie after breakfast. I was captivated by this one ashen white tree. Notice also the moss colored tree just in front and to the right of it. Upon close inspection, there really were so many subtle colors to be seen.

The evergreens covered with berries reminded me of Christmas.

It was a heavy sky, but  just a little too warm to snow. All that fell were a few sprinkles of cold rain.

Quite a few trees were covered with moss. It made them look bundled up for the cold.


This pair of trees seemed ready for winter to be over and it has hardly begun.2TreesWinter

What a pleasant surprise every now and then to run into some brightly-colored berries.


But then I would look at the woods, so ominous-looking, and I was happy to head home for a cup of hot tea.