Be Careful What We Wish For …

Going through my photo library, looking for images of winter, I came across this photo that I took 5 years ago today. It was a good reminder of the ice storm that struck Manhattan, Kansas and large parts of the midwest in 2007. Parts of town were without power for 10 days. As pretty as it was, brrr … it was cold!


Though the temperatures have gotten quite cold – a low of 9 degrees F. yesterday – I’ve still heard a few people expressing a wish for some real winter weather. But let us be careful what we wish for.

8 responses to “Be Careful What We Wish For …

  1. Boy can I ever relate to “be careful what you wish for” I was so longing for some snow and we then got absolutely clobbered with it this past weekend! It’s soooo very lovely, but our snow blower is on the blink and shoveling it all by hand was an absolute beast! Gorgeous photo here once again Laurie. 🙂

  2. I feel the same way about Denver weather. It was 70 last week, now it’s 20. I’m longing for winter…until there’s a huge storm of course.

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