Happy Graduation Weekend

This is graduation weekend at Kansas State University. My Siberian irises are heralding the occasion by being in full bloom. (K-State’s colors are purple and white, so I have plenty of these colors in our May garden.)

Siberia Iris2016

Congratulations, to the graduates and to their families!

Ready for Graduation Weekend …

Got homemade cupcakes! CupcakesWhitePurple Got fresh flowers! RoseArrangement House and garden good to go! irissiberianpeachrose … And we are ready for our graduation guests to arrive. It is always such a happy occasion when graduation guests are with us! Congratulations K-State graduates. We know that you worked hard. Best wishes for success in your future endeavors!

Siberian Iris Seedpods

Today is just one of those winter days to be treasured. The sky is an intense cyan blue; and with temperatures in the mid-50’s F, ┬áit feels almost balmy. I had to take the opportunity to go out into my garden and take some photos. This was my favorite of the afternoon.


Have a beautiful day!