Happy Graduation Weekend

This is graduation weekend at Kansas State University. My Siberian irises are heralding the occasion by being in full bloom. (K-State’s colors are purple and white, so I have plenty of these colors in our May garden.)

Siberia Iris2016

Congratulations, to the graduates and to their families!

Ready for Graduation Weekend …

Got homemade cupcakes! CupcakesWhitePurple Got fresh flowers! RoseArrangement House and garden good to go! irissiberianpeachrose … And we are ready for our graduation guests to arrive. It is always such a happy occasion when graduation guests are with us! Congratulations K-State graduates. We know that you worked hard. Best wishes for success in your future endeavors!

Kansas State University Homecoming Parade, 2013

This weekend is Kansas State University’s Homecoming Weekend. Earlier this evening, the Homecoming parade passed right in front of the Bed & Breakfast. How fun! Have a great weekend, everyone!








Purple Power Play Pyrotechnics

I just got home from the second night of Purple Power Play on Poyntz.  I’d say that the town is pretty fired up for football season! (Pardon the pun.) The first home game is tomorrow. Everyone is rooting for the Wildcats!

People Watching at Purple Power Play on Poyntz

Every year on the Thursday and Friday nights before the first home K-State football game, Purple Power Play on Poyntz puts on a pep rally. The city closes off several blocks of Poyntz Avenue – the main street through downtown – for vendors to set up booths and people to mill around. The marching band, cheerleaders, football team and coaches turn out.  Here are a few photos from this year’s Thursday night portion. On Friday night, after all the other festivities are over, they set off fireworks. It is a popular event with an estimated 20,000 people attending over the two-day period.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Purple

Manhattan is home to Kansas State University. Since the school colors are royal purple and white, there is no shortage of purple around town. (For more photos see my post Putting on the Purple.) Thank you to Varney’s Bookstore for letting me take the bottom two photos inside the shop.

K-State Gardens

As part of my resolution to experience more of what Manhattan has to offer, I recently attended a gala at Kansas State University Gardens. It was a wonderful evening. The theme was Three Coins in the Fountain to celebrate the installation of a second fountain in the gardens. Unfortunately, I didn’t bring my camera that night, but that just gave me extra reason to go back! The gardens are just over 2 miles from The Morning Star. I hope that you enjoy my photos. (Since the completion of the gardens is still “in progress”, I’ll certainly have more in the future.)

Putting on the Purple: Life in a College Town

Manhattan, Kansas is a college town of about 50,000 residents. If anything can be said of Manhattanites it is that they believe in the adage “be true to your school.” Around The Little Apple this is demonstrated by wearing and displaying the colors of Kansas State University: royal purple and white. With a house full of graduation-goers this weekend, I’ve been finding ways to play on the purple and white theme. To all the graduates out there, we at The Morning Star congratulate you and wish you happiness and success!