Looking forward to New Things

As we start our 20th year of running The Morning Star Bed & Breakfast, I can look back and say that we have had wonderful guests and formed lasting friendships with many of them over the years, that we have enjoyed restoring this beautiful historic home, that we love the gardens, that we love the neighborhood, and that overall it has been an extremely fulfilling experience. At the same time, we feel ready to try our hands at new things … whatever they may be.

So we have listed The Morning Star for sale at 617HoustonStreet.com. (Use the menu at the upper right of the website to tour pictures of the house.)




In the meantime, we are still taking guests and hosting weddings and continuing to form happy memories.








Thank you for visiting A Taste of Morning. I’ll be keeping the blog going! And thank you to all of our delightful guests!

Wishing you a great weekend …

16 responses to “Looking forward to New Things

  1. You have created a beautiful home. the very best wishes on finding just the right buyer to continue your obvious wonderful hospitality.
    Womenlivinglifeafter 50.com

  2. 20 years of BnB. Wow! That must equal thousands of visitors in your life! Will you miss the companionship and novelty? (Or, have you heard every varation of the story?) I suspect the former, for if the later were true, you would have moved one some time ago. If you reform your blogging to a new site, let us know.

    • Good afternoon, Oscar. It is always nice to get a note from you. We have had somewhere around 18,000 guests. It is amazing how many of them have been really terrific people. But, alas, going on 20 years is a long time to share one’s home with others, even if they are delightful. We’ll definitely miss some aspects of the B&B, but are ready for something different. No plans yet to change the blogs, but we’ll see. Laurie

  3. I’m so sad that you guys won’t be there anymore! I loved staying there! But I do wish you lots of luck on your future endeavours! Thanks so much for you posts; I always enjoy them!

  4. Good for you for hanging in there for so long. Running a B&B is hard work from what I’ve witnessed. Hope the right buyer finds you soon.

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