Waking to a White Christmas

Though we did not get Christmas snow overnight, we awoken to a white Christmas in the form of hoar frost. The fog and the frost are making everything seem hushed and peaceful on this Christmas morn.











Now it is time for hot chocolate and presents and thoughts of loved ones near and far. Wishing you a most lovely day filled with peace and joy!


Christmases Past:

Christmas Snow, A Few Days Early

A Holly, Jolly Christmas

Merry Christmas

Hot Chocolate:

Chocolat Chaud

Candy Cane Hot Chocolate


6 responses to “Waking to a White Christmas

  1. Lovely Christmas photos. I do like your aluminum tree. I may have mentioned we have one too. But, when you have as many cats as we do, they have other ideas about the purpose of the tree. 🙂

    Hope you and your family had very good day.

    Sent via secured network.

    • Thank you, David. We had a very nice day. I hope that your family did as well! Our tree belonged to my grandparents. It is still in very good, though not perfect, condition. Fortunately, our dogs are more interested in what is under the tree than the tree itself.

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