This is a photo of our Brown-Eyed Susans that I took last summer. Unfortunately – and to my great surprise – none of them came back this year. That’s the first time in fourteen years that I’ve lost our rudbeckia trilobas. Now, it is decision time. They were in a stretch of garden that is difficult to maintain because it is hard to reach with the hose and also difficult to weed. Do I replant or try to find some other way to landscape that area? There are still irises, yarrow, purple coneflowers and lambs ears in that bed. So that area still requires maintenance, but do I take the opportunity to start down-sizing that strip? Hmmm …


Have a wonderful day!


6 responses to “Decisions

  1. There’s always a spot in the garden that’s difficult to maintain. I have a couple of those in mine. This year, I’m leaning towards something like xeriscape grasses or even wildflowers that don’t need much maintenance.

    • These were in a mostly wildflower garden by the road. I am wondering whether they were particularly sensitive to salt, since the city did a lot of salting due to the bad winter this year.

  2. Sorry to hear your Brown-eyed Susans didn’t come back this year, Laurie. 😦 Maybe if they worked so well there all those years… replant them?

    • Good morning, Jewels. I might replant them, but they were in an area that is too much work … on the other hand, it is a spot that needs to be gussied up : )

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