Dried Marilyn

With a day so gorgeous, I decided it was worth a second post. This picture is of a Marilyn Monroe rose dried on the bush. I leave the flowers on my rose bushes at the end of the gardening season as a reminder that once winter passes, they shall bloom lushly once again.


I hope that you, too, are getting to enjoy the weekend!

2 responses to “Dried Marilyn

  1. I enjoy seeing the dried flowers of hydrangeas, sedums, and roses during the winter months. Plus some of the perennials give texture and interest to the winter landscape. When I was looking at my plants the other day, I saw that several of my rose bushes have bright red leaf buds starting to form on their canes after a few days of near 70 degree weather, which is too bad. It is supposed to go down into the teens and be snowy again this week, so they are wasting their stored energy. They are about 6 – 8 weeks early. I usually start cleaning the garden in March and don’t prune the rose bushes until around late April. Apart from getting torn apart by the rose thorns, I enjoy Spring cleaning of the garden because it means that everything will be beautiful again shortly. In the meantime, it is nice to have a little less work to do. Have a nice day, Oscar! Good luck with your chores!

  2. I would like to say that we leave the garden untended to in Fall for the interesting winter affect… but we generally just get to busy doing other things until an early Spring day entices us to start cleaning up. Soon that day will come.

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