Stalwart Watcher

I’ll confess – I didn’t want to spend too much time taking photos outside today. I’m more of a fair-weather photographer. The rain, sleet and hail, have done a good job of turning into snow – for now; but I thought that I’d share this shot from earlier today, when, we were still having a bit of everything coming down. Brrr … what a cold, gray, wet day. Ah, how nice to be back inside with some hot tea! 


Well, That’s Kansas Weather …

Just a few days ago, it was nearly 70 F degrees here in Manhattan, and the balmy temperatures melted away almost all of our snow. But so far today we have had thunder, hail, rain, snow and sleet; and yet it is supposed to go up to 47 here this afternoon. Well, that’s Kansas weather for you. At least we aren’t getting hit by the blizzard that has moved in to the west of us!


Wherever you are, may your day be lovely!