Snow Falling on Roses

Just three weeks ago, I posted a photo with the title Summer in September. How quickly things change. Today started out with cloudy skies, turning to a mix of rain and sleet, then rain and snow, and just a little bit ago turned over to snow. I am hoping that it doesn’t nip the roses. We have a garden wedding tomorrow! Fortunately, the forecast is for sunny skies and 66 degrees F. in the afternoon.


Have a lovely day!

17 responses to “Snow Falling on Roses

  1. We had a hard freeze over the weekend. 26F. Most of the garden is headed to cmpost now. We are well on our way to covering the garden bed with leaves and manure for next year. You can’t really get away with that and have weddings in the yard πŸ™‚

    • Wow, we haven’t gotten that cold yet … only down to 31F. Fortunately, the garden itself seems to generate enough heat to protect most of the plants through a light freeze. The sedums are goners for the year, though. Do you consider yourself to be on vacation from gardening for the time being?

      • The garden tasks just shift from season to season. We still are enjoying some Fall color in the trees, mostly yellows of the hickories. When the leaves finally fall from the oaks, we will have our winter view of the next mountain ridge across the valley. Nothing to lament.

        • We have quite a bit of autumn color right now. I shall have to try to get out and photograph it. Unfortunately, though, once our leaves come down, we just have the neighbors to look at – no mountain ridges.

  2. Oh dear, hard to believe! Suddenly the temperature changed and summer came back to us in the Rhine Valley. Odd world …

  3. We had a skiff of snow this morning also. In between the wind, it’s turned out to be halfway decent day. Hope your afternoon wedding event goes off well.

    • Thankfully, the wedding is tomorrow, though the rehearsal is this evening. It snowed for about 6 hours today, but none of it stuck to the ground since it had rained first. Thanks for wishes for good weather tomorrow : )

      Have a great weekend!


  4. oy! i will keep my fingers crossed for that wedding tomw! Nothing worse than the weather screwing up the plans!
    I did hear the US as a whole should expect a colder than normal winter. I sure hope not! πŸ™‚

    • Oh darn. I’m really not a winter person. I just had someone from Australia tell me that they are predicted to have an unusually hot summer too.

      Take care,


  5. I wonder if it is sign of things to come, we have been told here, in Australia, that we are going to have a very long hot summer, I wonder if you are going to have a very long cold winter. Scary.

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