Golden Moment

This morning, while waiting for muffins to come out of the oven and guests to come downstairs for breakfast, I decided to take advantage of a little free time to take photos of a mocktail for Morning Star Weddings – my other blog. The only trouble – I also had to wait for the sun to come up and get high enough in the morning sky so that I could get enough light for my photos. So I got all set up and played around with practice shots while waiting. This is one that I took of flowers that I was using as background filler. I was happy that it turned out because I really liked the contrast of materials. Have a lovely day!


5 responses to “Golden Moment

    • I am glad that you like the photo. I never get tired of capturing images of my roses … and I hope that my readers don’t get tired of seeing them 🙂 Have a lovely day!

  1. That’s beautiful, Laurie! Just bought yellow roses for a Fall centerpiece, but your roses laid casually on a plate like that, look very lovely, especially against that antique table.

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