Daily Prompt: Dull

This is Purple Haze.  Except for a tinge of magenta on the outer petals, the coloring of this rose is a very soft mauve or lavender. It makes a lovely cutting rose, for which reason it is popular with florists, though I haven’t been able to find it at plant nurseries.

This particular bloom is left over from a wedding here at the Bed & Breakfast last weekend.  So you might be wondering why I chose to photograph it for the Daily Prompt given that today’s theme is dull.

Since it is drizzly and gray out today, it occurred to me that if I photographed the bloom outside the its color would illustrate dull in the sense of soft  or not-intense while the weather would illustrate dull in the sense of as overcast or dreary … my intent being to show a little  beauty on an otherwise dull day.


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